Winter will not give up this year. Water temps are headed for the 60′s and it looks like we are beginning the migration patterns. There is plenty of saltwater headed for the causeway it’s just too cool right now.

On the coast, Spanish Mackerel will be starting to move this month along with the Pompano. Keep an eye out for Cobia and King Mackerel to follow. Bull Reds are around the passes if you’re looking for a fight.

Inshore, the shoals and grass flats along Dauphin Island, Shell Bank Reef, and the rigs inside the bay are a good bet for Specs. Reds will be cruising the shore line and oyster bars.

Live shrimp or a croaker on a slip cork or free lined is the way to go. If you prefer artificial baits, a Mirrolure Glad Shad in deeper water, Catch Jr. or 2000 in water less than four feet, and soft plastics on jig heads in any depth are productive. Don’t forget top water plugs for some explosive action on warmer days and look for water temps in the 70′s. My favorites are High Tide jig heads and plastics in natural shrimp, white/chartreuse, chartreuse/red, root beer/chartreuse, and don’t forget electric chicken colors.

As April moves on, the saltwater will be heading for the causeway. Depending on our rainfall in late March and April, look at places like Zundel’s, Gray Cane Reef, Pt. Clear, Battles Wharf, Middle Bay Lighthouse, and Gilliard Island, early in the month. As the salt water moves north follow it. My guess is that we will be fishing on the causeway in late May this year instead of June. More about that next

Good luck, we’re headed for some great spring fishing.