December is upon us and that means the start of winter fishing. This fall has been a little less than normal for trout fishing on the causeway. That is no surprise after all the rain we had this year. The water is clear and in the mid 60’s. It should be getting cooler with each passing cold front. The way November has been, we should be able to ice skate on Blakley River by Christmas

Trout are in the rivers that run under I-10. As the water cools this month, they will be moving south. Live shrimp have proved to be most productive. Artificial bait guys will find a soft plastic on a 3/8 oz jig head worked slowly on the bottom will also produce a few fish. I like a High Tide natural shrimp, but root beer/chartreuse, chartreuse/red, and white/chartreuse are also worth trying.

Fishing for reds has been pretty good in North Pass, Daphne, and the other cuts just south of the causeway. This should continue for a few weeks or our next big rain. A live or dead shrimp on a carolina rig is a good bet. Soft plastics on jig heads are also productive. A 3/8 oz head with chartreuse or root beer are my two favorite colors. I also look for the tide to be low and still falling for the best timing in these ditches.

As winter closes in, I’ll be headed for the gulf to chase the salty water. But for spec action, I’ll look in the rivers that flow into the bay. Fish, Magnolia, Fowl, and Bon Secure are a good bet. Fish the banks for reds and toward the deeper part in the center for trout. A falling tide with slow working jig head on the bottom is usually productive. A 3/8 oz jig head to be sure you are on the bottom is my preference. A Mirrolure glad shad is another one of my favorite baits for winter trout.

Winter is on the way, so get ready to head for your winter time fishing holes. Get after the trout before they go to sleep for the winter.