Our annual rainfall is 15 inches above normal.  The effect of all this rain is starting to work it’s way out of Mobile Bay.  The water is starting to clear and the water temperature is heading for the mid 80’s.  Take advantage of the last month of fishing before the summertime water temps head into the 90’s and everything slows down.  Choose your bait to match the water conditions and depth where you are fishing.  Top water plugs, suspending baits like Mirrolure Catch Jr., soft plastics on the bottom, and live bait under popping corks or carolina rigs are all good bets if the water looks good.  Specs are hitting soft plastics on jig heads at Zundells, Gray Cane Reef, Point Clear, and Battles Warf.  But don’t forget the rigs at the south end of the bay.  Live shrimp under a slip cork is a good way to catch trout in the deeper water like these rigs and Middle Bay Lighthouse.  Fish the bottom on all of these reefs until the water clears up.  So forget the top water plugs and popping corks if the water looks muddy.  Trout will be holding on the bottom.  If live bait is your thing, try a carolina rig with a 1/2 oz sinker.  Soft plastics on a 3/8 oz jig head and some brighter colors like white/chartreuse, chartreuse/red, and root beer/ chartreuse are good choices.

Reds are on the causeway and flounder are not to far behind.  As the month goes by and the water gets saltier the trout will move further north.  The same baits I mentioned earlier will work here.  My favorite redfish bait in water less than 6 feet is still a Hildebrandt spinner bait with a size 4-1/2 gold blade.  For flounder, a soft plastic or bull minnow on a carolina rig will be the way to go.  Flounder will be around the docks close to shore as they work their way north.  Look on the sandy points on the causeway.Good luck this month.  By this time next month summer will be in full swing and the trout will be headed for summer vacation.